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Turner by Karl Drinkwater (a 2nd excerpt)

Lord John crossed the garden of Plas Dof, the large house overlooking Pentref Bychan. In a corner, by the high garden walls, was a clump of yew trees surrounding a marble mausoleum. Most of his ancestors had been entombed below

Turner by Karl Drinkwater (an excerpt)

The room brightened and Tom glanced round. Two more men came in, closing the door quietly. They stayed near the door, speaking in Welsh and occasionally glancing Tom’s way. He felt like every eye was surreptitiously on him. When he

Karl Drinkwater welcomes you to Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli)

I write in multiple genres: literary/contemporary, sci-fi, and horror/suspense. When I planned my first horror book I wanted to write something with a fast pace, a tight grip on the reader, something they wouldn’t want to put down. I remember