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Turner by Karl Drinkwater (a 2nd excerpt)

Lord John crossed the garden of Plas Dof, the large house overlooking Pentref Bychan. In a corner, by the high garden walls, was a clump of yew trees surrounding a marble mausoleum. Most of his ancestors had been entombed below

Tunnels by P.J. Blakey-Novis (an excerpt)

Matthew and Chloe led us to a door in the north-east corner of the fort; the entrance to a system of narrow tunnels which connected the various rooms.  When the fort had been in use during the second world war,

Turner by Karl Drinkwater (an excerpt)

The room brightened and Tom glanced round. Two more men came in, closing the door quietly. They stayed near the door, speaking in Welsh and occasionally glancing Tom’s way. He felt like every eye was surreptitiously on him. When he

The Caretakers by Adrian Chamberlin (an excerpt)

The kitchens of All Souls College smelled like a slaughterhouse. As they should do, Mark Cassell told himself as he tied his apron. There was a faint smell of the disinfectant cleaner that signified the wash-down at the end of

Emergence by R.H. Dixon (an excerpt)

Here’s an excerpt from Emergence, when John Gimmerick, his young daughter, Seren, and her imaginary friend, Petey Moon, make the journey back to Horden to housesit for John’s mother: The day of transition started off warm. Low clouds above the

Lucid by Marion Grace Woolley (an excerpt)

The moment they entered the cavern, they were engulfed by the echoey, temperate feel of being underground. Turning to the left, they passed a display of ancient mining tools and samples of the minerals that had been extracted over the

Salon of Lost Souls by Carmilla Voiez (an excerpt from the 5,000 words short story)

The creaking of the old, empty building unnerved her. Echoes of footsteps paced the floor above. Laura knew she wouldn’t be able to settle until she had one last check, just to make sure she was alone. She stepped out,