Author: Heide Goody

Candy Canes and Buckets of Blood by Heide Goody and Iain Grant (an excerpt)

Guin looked out from the carousel ride. Her dad and Esther had already wandered off. There was Esther’s son, Newton, standing by the nativity scene. He saw her looking and gave her a wave. Snow was falling steadily now and

Iain Grant welcomes you to Castleton

The locations in which stories take place are important. Many of the stories Heide and I write take place in very specific and real locations. In our Clovenhoof series of books, the action takes place in Sutton Coldfield and you

The Ferries by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

The promenade was deserted; the buildings gleamed like bone. Above the sea wall the lanterns glowed thinly. The wide dry river was flooded with grass, which swayed in the moonlight, rustling and glinting. Over the silted river, leaving a wake

The Influence by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

The white cottages multiplied as far as she could see, an unbroken shadowless terrace of them on each side of the road, beneath the lamps that looked exactly like household light-bulbs standing on their heads. Since there were no front

The Companion by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

The circular booths, the long target galleries, the low roller coaster, the ark and the crazy house draped shadow over each other and merged with the dimness of the paths between. Even the merry-go-round was hooded by darkness hanging from

The Seven Days of Cain by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

The dunes might have been exuding the dusk now. The sand that loomed above her to her left and stretched to the edge of the water on her right was losing its hold on its colour. As it began to

Mackintosh Willy by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

Yet if you had walked past Newsham Park you might have wondered what there was to fear: why were children advancing, bold but wary, on the red-brick shelter by the twilit pool? Surely there could be no danger in the

Creatures of the Pool by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

Someone’s wielding an umbrella at the near end of Lord Street, and somebody else is holding one outside a pub on the corner of James Street, among tables and chairs spitting rain. Their outfits look not just so haphazard that

The Searching Dead by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

Though the Liverpool blitz had ended before I was born, all the bombed streets on this side of Kensington lay in ruins. Every roadway was strewn with fragments of houses, and the smell of stale fire caught in my throat.

Baby by Ramsey Campbell (an excerpt)

The mud was lying in wait for him. It swallowed his feet with an approving sound. It poured into his shoes, seeping into the plastic bags. It squeezed out from beneath unsteady paving stones, where there were any. He snarled