About us

Have you ever wanted to go and visit a place that features in a much-loved book, film or TV show?

The UK plays a part in thousands of stories and, whether they know it or not, many towns, cities, hills and secluded spots have had pivotal roles in great horror tales. That’s why Heide and Iain at Pigeon Park Press have started a new on-line project called the Horror Road Trip.

They’re gathering together novels and short stories of horror and putting them on the map. Literally. Their aim is to create an interactive Google map full of pins and, at each one, share an excerpt from the story and have the author tell us all a little bit about that location and what role it played in their story. Visitors to the on-line map will then only be a click away from ordering their own copy of the author’s book.

Iain Grant of Pigeon Park Press said:

“It might be a little bit late for Bram Stoker to tell us why he chose Whitby for Dracula’s landing spot on this island but we think we will soon have a fascinating map of locations that have inspired some of the best tales in dark fiction. And who knows? Maybe one day, we will leap in a little campervan and go on that dark road trip, following the trail of horror stories across the United Kingdom.”