Emma Pullar welcomes you to Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s Cathedral

I was born in South East London and after going on many school trips to Central London – visiting spooky museums and old buildings – it felt like the right place to base my horror stories.

My short story, London’s Crawling, is set around the Millennium bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. There’s something creepy about crossing that bridge at night, and for me, a thick mist spreading across the Thames and swallowing the city, creatures crawling up from under the bridge, was a frightful idea. I wanted the story to be atmospheric. A dark, deserted London cloaked in mist and crawling with killer creatures felt as atmospheric as it could get. The Spians are like nothing I’ve ever seen. My husband has a phobia of spiders, and being the lovely wife that I am, I wrote London’s Crawling to scare him. It was published in 2016 in the Dark Minds charity anthology and has been hugely popular with readers.

My third novel, Paper Dolls, is also based in London. It’s set in and around Trafalgar Square. Paper Dolls is a serial killer thriller and although the story revolves around the three main characters and their lives, the killer scenes are graphic and horrifying. I used to love feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square when I was a child. These days the pigeon feeding has been replaced with street artists. I decided one of the main characters would be a street artist. When I was a small girl, I had Pierrot the sad clown pictures and a duvet cover set and I even dressed up as Pierrot when I was fourteen to do the London walk-a-thon. This is how Mike the Mime came to be.

Central London holds so many dark secrets and sinister stories, it made sense to base my tales or torment there. 

Emma Pullar

BIO: Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and children’s books. She dabbles in screenwriting and has won/been shortlisted for several short story/script competitions. You can find Emma on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or lurking in the shadows, spying on people in the name of inspiration and creativity.  www.emmapullar.com

Paper Dolls by Emma Pullar

Paper Dolls by Emma Pullar

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